Music branding, the ultimate marketing tool for business.

World 4 peace - Kate Ceberano AM

So I get the song, and I listen to it for the first time, and I engaged with it emotionally and I felt really moved.

Kate Ceberano AM
Kate Ceberano AM

"Waltzing Matilda"

Melbourne Muso Teams up With Kate Ceberano in Virtual Choir Connecting People Across 20 Countries.

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Branding your business with music

We're an innovative creative agency changing the way organisations deliver and market their brand. We're passionate about using the power of music to engage your audience and connect them to you!

We work with you to find out who your target audience is and what speaks to them, and then we create a sound that is uniquely your brand. With some of the best musicians working for us and a high-quality recording studio, your Branthem (Brand Anthem) will take your organisation and marketing campaign to the next level.

We can’t wait to work with you and Amplify Your Message!

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Branthem Creative has over 20 years of experience in songwriting, song production and business. We'll take your organisation and marketing campaign to the next level.

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n. a Brand Anthem designed to
connect both musically and lyrically to your WHY!

Do you remember the iconic 'vegemite, I love aeroplane jelly', and the Qantas 1998 advert – ‘I still call Australia home’. And even more recently the Jeep Australia advert ‘Don’t hold back'. Music Branding may be a new concept you have not heard of before. But it has been around for years, and it is an incredibly powerful tool. In fact, you have grown up with advertising that framed your ideals, moved your emotions and directed your buying power.

We go beyond the traditional jingle to create a signature song with depth. We call it your ‘Branthem’ - Your Brand Anthem!

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