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Our Story

Our Story

n. a Brand Anthem designed to
 connect your brand on a deeper human level.

We are a multi-award winning boutique agency based in Melbourne reimagining the way that brands connect with their audiences.

Our Purpose is to pioneer the synergy of sound to make a deeper connection that bridges the gap between brands and their audiences. 

Our Mission is to create unique musical identities that cut through the noise and makes brands more visible, relevant and connected to their audiences.

We help forward-thinking businesses unlock the true potential of their brand through the power of music. It is these kinds of businesses that we love working with - those that are bold enough to embrace their own uniqueness, and emerge as true leaders in their industry.

Winner 2020 Stevie Awards - Innovation In Branded Entertainment

Winner 2019 Wyndham Business Awards - New & Emerging Micro

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Why Music Is Life To Us

Dene Menzel

n. Founder & Creative Director of Branthem.

Hi, and welcome to Branthem. My name is Dene Menzel and I am the Founder and Creative Director, and well you could say that music has been my entire life.

Music and connection, has been a common thread in everything that I have been inspired to create, from being a wedding organist at the age of 13, to a 10 year career running a successful performing arts company and three reputable pop choirs in Melbourne, to publishing my first book, The Voice Factor, in 2013 a ‘how to sing’ book compressed in 5 easy steps. which became a #1 Best Seller in 4 categories on Amazon in the US and Australia.

Since my book success in 2013, I have since been inspired to use technology to pioneer music connection through smartphone and internet. One of my giveback projects brought together people from 24 different countries to sing virtually via smartphone for International Peace Day 2016.

The song - which was my rewrite of Waltzing Matilda, revamped for a global message was led by multi-award winning artist Kate Ceberano, and the video was shared across social media hundreds of times, and received beautiful comments from all around the world.  

What I loved about this project was experiencing first hand how music can cross barriers of race, age, gender, and culture 

Today, Branthem is a product of 45 years of experience in both music and business.

It is a culmination of my vision for innovation, my commitment to excellence and my belief in the 'magic' of music to connect deeply and authentically with the beauty in the human spirit.

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Who We Partner With

In a world where we are so bombarded with 'marketing' that we have sort of forgotten that marketing isn't about selling, but rather about connecting with people, it is our passion to bring back authenticity to the way businesses connect with people on a human level.

While music is our jam, we understand that there is so much more to brand that can be experienced.

Like a pair of fresh eyes, we visualise the potential of brand, unlocking touch points that are able to connect with your market on a deeper level.

And so, we are so lucky to partner with us a trusted ecosystem of musicians, producers, data analysts, and technological and business creatives that also believe in bringing realness back to branding, marketing and business. We team this with the fun of exploring the potential of what can be created and we really look forward to helping more incredible businesses create high end brand experiences and form lifetime connections with their listeners.

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