Brand Jam.
Building Rockstar Teams

Teamwork at its best

For years, musicians from all over the world have enjoyed unrehearsed, creative sessions where they just get together and play. They call these 'jam' sessions. Some of the most memorable music ever made has flowed out of 'jam' sessions. For example, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones, and the Queen-Bowie collaboration of "Under Pressure" would not exist today without the 'jam' sessions that inspired them.

Firstly, a 'jam' session requires teamwork and a high level of communication skills.  Knowing when to play and when to listen is what keeps all the components together. In other words, when a group can play in sync, this is where the magic happens.

We have connected the collaborative elements of the 'jam session', with brand purpose into a connective team building experience. We call it 'Brand Jam'.

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What Is Brand Jam?
Watch this video from creator of Brand Jam, Dene Menzel explaining how music can bridge the connection between a brand and its people.

Smart Leaders Invest In Their Employees


n. allocating resources with the expectation of generating a profit

Successful companies like Zapier, Buffer and Google all understand that when employees feels emotionally connected to a brand, they becomes a brand's greatest voice.

In other words, when your people love working for you, they want to let everyone know, whether it is your customers over the phone, or via a post on social media.

With close to half the world’s population (3.03 billion people) on some type of social media, including 98% of employees for personal use, your people are your most valuable investment.

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Team Branthem Team Members

Jam From Anywhere In The World

Virtual Brand Jam

n. team building from a distance without any physical contact

Brand Jam is flexible enough to cater for small teams right through to large groups.  

Consequently, it is a creative substitute for your weekly office meeting, or a perfect entertainment solution at your next work conference - all while reinforcing your brand.

Moreover, we understand that some groups are not always able to be in the same location. As a result, we have created an online brand jam experience to team build with groups remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Event outcomes

Improved Health

Heightened sense of well-being and energy

Personal Growth

Increased confidence and breaking down of barriers

Stronger relationships

Feeling of unity and group trust.

Reinforced Culture

Sense of corporate ownership and identity.

Sense of pride

Feeling of achievement.

Positive Result

Reaching a common goal as a team

Amplify your message

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