Brand Anthems.

Amplify your Brand Recognition beyond your logo

Successful businesses that want a competitive advantage must not only market their brand across multiple channels, but they must be recognisable by audiences across these channels, especially when their logo cannot be present. 

Today, sound and audio are increasingly becoming vital parts of our everyday brand experience including new non-screen platforms such as digital radio and smart speakers.  

For instance, the number of brands using Amazon Alexa has more than doubled since 2018, while research from Dax said that digital audio investment is set to ‘grow significantly’, with a particular focus on podcast advertising

With more audio inclusive platforms trending in popularity, businesses have great opportunity to strengthen their brand identity and connection with their audiences with a unique sonic identity.

McDonald's, Intel and Disney are all iconic brands that have used the power of their own signature sound for decades to reinforce their long term relationship with their customers. 

In a world where music alternatives like generic soundtracks and licensed pop music have been short term solutions, it is the forward-thinking brands that will recognise the reusable asset potential of a sonic brand, amplifying strong brand identity, recognition and return in the long term.

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Bringing the world together with music
Our campaign featuring Kate Ceberano for UNICEF Australia was one of our favourites.

One song, multiple platforms

We understand that one four minute song is not really going to give you much flexibility in your marketing and that is why we design all our client Branthems with multiple platforms in mind.

Whether you need a ten second sting for your podcast, a voiceover message for your office system, or the perfect soundtrack to lift your Facebook video campaign, a Branthem strategy comes with a complete sonic style guide to ensure your brand remains cohesive, relevant and memorable across all your channels - even if you rebrand.

And - you can also speak to us about our Branthem Branded Entertainment and Brand Jam, our Branthem Team Experience.

YouTube Videos

Personalise your promo, educational, and testimonial videos for brand consistency

Facebook Videos

Dynamic & memorable Facebook banner or social media videos to get more fan engagement

Radio Advertising

Stand out amongst the boring jingles, for an ad that will actually resonate with listeners

Television Advertising

Be more than a sales ad, reach them on a personal level


Be remembered long after people click off from your audio podcast

Mobile Ringtone

Make people listen anytime someone calls you


Create an introduction with impact at your next event

Website & Apps

Take the sense experience for your website and app visitors to the next level

Phone hold music

Keep them thinking about you while they’re on hold

Awards Nights

Make sure the whole room knows who won the award when you walk up to the stage

Cinema Advertising

Get the audience’s attention before the movie starts


Give your guests a presentation with wow factor

All Great Plans begin at the end

We believe a Branthem is a long term brand asset that should keep working for you for years to come.

That's why we take the time to understand firstly the outcome you want to achieve your brand, to see if we are indeed the right fit for you before you even spend one dollar with us.

Only after this do we begin a process to understand your brand, your target market, and the channel potential available to you, so we can design a thumbprint, that connects with your audience today, and strengthens that relationship over a lifetime.

Our signature ‘Couch Dive is a holistic brand diagnostic we have developed and refined, drawing on over 25 years of industry experience. It is our unique skillset of creative intuition and innovative design, and is the foundation of our authentic and connective client Branthem strategy.

The 'Couch Dive' also works as a standalone brand marketing plan shining a light on untapped opportunities in their current brand marketing strategy.

If the potential of marketing in new ways is exciting to you, we'd love to help. Reach out to us for a free 30 minute virtual chat to see if we can help take your business to the next level.

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What Is Brand Jam?
Music Branding is not just about customers. It is about connecting brand to people. Here Dene Menzel talks about the importance of brand connection.

Amplify your message

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