Brand Anthems.

What's a Branthem?


n. a Brand Anthem designed to
connect both musically and lyrically to your WHY!

Do you remember the iconic 'vegemite, I love aeroplane jelly', and the Qantas 1998 advert – ‘I still call Australia home’. And even more recently the Jeep Australia advert ‘Don’t hold back'. Music Branding may be a new concept you have not heard of before. But it has been around for years, and it is an incredibly powerful tool. In fact, you have grown up with advertising that framed your ideals, moved your emotions and directed your buying power.

We go beyond the traditional jingle to create a signature song with depth. We call it your ‘Branthem’ - Your Brand Anthem!

When you think about your brand and how you advertise, simple marketing isn’t enough. Today’s generation is wired visually, audibly and wants to be engaged as quickly as an internet page will load.

If you stop to listen, music is everywhere! From the cafe to the radio, to the “buy, buy” music in the shopping centres. Everywhere you go music is sending a message to you, whether you know it or not.

This is where Branthem Creative come in.

We understand the importance of creating music and lyrics which connect with people on an emotive level. We take the time to understand your goals, your target market, and the message behind your brand, so we can translate that into a personalised branthem (brand anthem)! Your Branthem can then be delivered on multiple platforms.

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Branthem played at gathering

One song, multiple platforms

Everything we do revolves around music and we are passionate about it. So why not let us take what we do best and connect it to your brand. We listen to you and the theme of your business and create a sound and message that is uniquely you. We truly capture the ‘WHY’ behind your business and create a memorable sound that connects you with your audience.

Imagine having your own song written just for your business by our team - and how many multiple platforms it could be used on. Your Branthem can now be generated in great packages that can include social media, traditional platforms like TV Advertising & radio, YouTube, ringtones, cinema and digital mediums such as YouTube videos, Facebook and digital eBrochures. Imagine your Branthem also being delivered through Team Building experiences, conferences and multiple platforms simultaneously adding exposure to your brand.

The list is endless!

YouTube Videos

Personalise your promo, educational, and testimonial videos for brand consistency

Facebook Videos

Dynamic & memorable Facebook banner or social media videos to get more fan engagement

Radio Advertising

Stand out amongst the boring jingles, for an ad that will actually resonate with listeners

Television Advertising

Be more than a sales ad, reach them on a personal level


Be remembered long after people click off from your audio podcast

Mobile Ringtone

Make people listen anytime someone calls you


Create an introduction with impact at your next event


Take the sense experience for your website visitors to the next level

Phone hold music

Keep them thinking about you while they’re on hold

Awards Nights

Make sure the whole room knows who won the award when you walk up to the stage

Cinema Advertising

Get the audience’s attention before the movie starts


Give your guests a presentation with wow factor

Video editing

We have also just created an amazing new concept in delivering your Branthem. It is a digital eBrochure, fully branded and a brilliant way to showcase your product to potential service providers and clients.

Not only can customers connect with your business through your unique sound, but now you can engage them further through an audio/visual experience. We are so excited to deliver another great way to market your business to your networks or prospective clients!

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Video Editing Sneak Peak
Visually connecting the sound of your brand with your business.

Amplify your message

Let us look after all of your branding,
entertainment and team building needs.

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