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Rockwell Automation

...Thanks a lot Dene! Really appreciate you making this virtual event fun and engaging!

Serene Koh

"E Hui Pu Nei - Bringing It All Together"

"E Hui Pu Nei” © 2020 D.Menzel (Branthem) for Rockwell Automation Brand Jam

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City Of Casey (FDC)

...It was a real opportunity to bond and have good fun in team building together...

Wendy Goldsack

"City Of Casey FDC"

FDC Branthem "We are Family"

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Wyndham Girl Guides

...The effort that went into every single aspect of our project did not go unnoticed - and our team are over the moon with our finished product...

Leigh Younger

"Wyndham Girl Guides Promo Campaign 2019"

Wyndham Girl Guides Promo 2019

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The I Am Project

Very honored to be considered to feature on your project for International Women's Day. Super excited.

I AM Project hero image

"I Am"

“I Am” © 2017 D.Menzel/G. Proby for The I Am Project

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BNI Awards Breakfast

It set the tone for the entire day. They really made it relevant to our members, they put a lot of effort into understanding our business and our brand and the members loved it.

Braith Bamkin
BNI Awards Breakfast 2018

"Saved By The Bell"

“Saved By The Bell” © 2018 D.Menzel/D.Small (Branthem Creative) for BNI Awards Breakfast 2018

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Results First Aid Training

WOW! We LOVE it! Thank you for being SO awesome to work with and SO much fun! Cannot recommend what you do highly enough to all business owners, this has been an amazing experience

Jude Barnes
Results first aid training hero image

"In A Heartbeat"

“In A Heartbeat” © 2017 D.Menzel/D.Small (Branthem Creative) for Results First Aid Training

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Geelong Drive In

Groovy Man! Our first ad hit on the 29/8 - the video was good for the angel investors pitch! Every action is a step closer! Grateful x

Ron Rapetti
Geelong Drive-in hero image

"Come For The Night"

“Come For The Night © 2017 D.Menzel/D.Small (Branthem Creative) for Geelong Drive In Cinema Complex

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World 4 Peace Project

So I get the song, and I listen to it for the first time, and I engaged with it emotionally and I felt really moved.

Kate Ceberano AM
World 4 Peace Project - Hero Image

"Waltzing Matilda"

“Waltzing Matilda” © 2016 D.Menzel for The World 4 Peace Project

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Back On Track Fitness

Dave and Dene are very passionate and experienced at what they do. We've had over a dozen videos and a Branthem™ created. Highly recommended!

Brydon Coles
Back on Track Fitness Wolf - Hero Image

"Together We Run"

"Together We Run" © 2017 D.Menzel/D.Small (Branthem Creative) for Back on Track Fitness

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Proven Resume Results

I have the privilege in my business to provide "second chances" to job seekers. VYB have a natural ability to showcase your business with an anthem or as it is known a "Branthem!"

Bernadette Innes
Proven Resume Results hero image

"Second Chances"

“Second Chances” © 2017 D.Menzel/D.Small (Branthem Creative) for Proven Resume Results

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