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Saved By The Bell

BNI Awards Breakfast

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The Background

Belonging to BNI is like having dozens of people promoting your business, and in return you are promoting their businesses. They have over 200,000 members worldwide in what they call ‘chapters’. For us, we are a part of the Werribee chapter falling into the Melbourne and Melbourne West region. Last year this region held its first BNI Awards Breakfast. When we heard they were going to hold another event in 2018, we jumped at the chance as we knew that we could create something amazing for the conference, but that we would get some amazing visibility in front of hundreds of businesses. We approached the organisers and with a yes for us to create a demo for them, we knew we had to create something with wow factor.

The Project

So how do you create something with wow factor to make an impact in only 4 mins? Well you need to take a risk and that is what we did. Writing a tongue-in-cheek branthem called “Saved By The Bell” that included some teasing references to the 45 second strict timing requirement at BNI weekly meetings, a few curse words and a request for our audience to make some noise, we were either going to get a roaring applause or an awkward silence. This was new territory for us, as although from our experience with our chapter at BNI, we were familiar with our crew and how they would respond to something like this, this kind of entertainment had never been tested on a BNI audience of this magnitude, and in a room of business owners ranging from accountants, to web designers, at 7am on a Friday morning at the MCG to get this room of people revved up, this was going to be interesting.

BNI Awards 2018 Cover Image

The Result

At 7:10am after a few quiet words from the event MC, we took to the stage armed with adrenalin, and an unwavering commitment to raise the roof on this event. And, that is exactly what we did - the audience was in the palm of our hands - they giggled at the right moments, clinked their glasses with their forks when we prompted them to, and we got the huge applause which confirmed to us that the risk we took was worth it. With various references by key speakers throughout the event back to our performance, and incredible feedback, we knew that in just 4 mins, we had done something that had never been done before for BNI - we had just raised the bar.

Saved By The Bell
BNI Awards Breakfast

Braith Bamkin, Executive Director BNI, Melbourne Central West & Geelong
BNI Awards Breakfast

"Saved By The Bell"

“Saved By The Bell” © 2018 D.Menzel/D.Small (Branthem Creative) for BNI Awards Breakfast 2018

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