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City Of Casey FDC

City Of Casey (FDC)

n. A family daycare organisation managed by the City of Casey

The Background

We were introduced to City of Casey FDC Co-ordinator, Wendy Goldsack in 2016. After working together in a close-knit environment for decades, 20 female staff of the Casey Family Day Care Unit were informed that they would have to split up their team and split their team as part of a new hot-desking work initiative called VIBE to be implemented within their department at the City of Casey in a matter of days.

To say that members within the team felt incredibly distressed at the thought of such a new way of working was an understatement.

Our task at hand was to help these these ladies confront the impending transition and embrace the change. But we did have quite a task on our hands. While there were some younger employees enthused with the thought of stepping up to a microphone, several team members were mature ladies, clearly mortified at the prospect of collaborating to write a song for their group, let alone the stage fright of performing in public alongside their peers. In addition to this, many still harboured a lot of negativity towards the impending workplace transition. By the time  we walked into the space to begin the session you could literally cut through the tension with a knife.

The Project

The FDC prided themselves on a sense of connection and family – their recent theme of “becoming, belonging and being’ a testament to their core values.

With a light hearted warmup and meet and greet complete with some laughter, the icy energy – and the weather began to warm, and with some strategic communication activities designed to help the group reconnect with their purpose, and some conversation, the group began to open the door of possibility to the potential benefits of a new system and how they could remain connected through this, allowed the women to work as a team to create an anthem of their own that would bond these ladies for life.

The Result

Breaking down the barriers of shyness, and coming together for a common purpose was for us a testament to the empowering magic of music. One of the women who had always loved singing but silenced herself after being teased early on in life about her singing, stepped up to the microphone as part of the strength of her group and finally allowed herself to sing again. The 20 women who walked into the session with fear, apprehension and negativity, walked out with a deeper connection with each other, and a feeling of  engagement, energy and fun, ready to embrace the new phase of their working lives.

City Of Casey FDC
City Of Casey (FDC)

Wendy Goldsack, FDC Co-ordinator City of Casey
City Of Casey (FDC)

"City Of Casey FDC"

FDC Branthem "We are Family"

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