Helping one man
climb his Everest

Come For The Night

Geelong Drive In

n. a campaign to bring business to the Geelong Business Precinct

The Background

Imagine being one person with such passion about a project that you see the vision of where it could go, but the sheer magnitude of what it will cost is as big as Everest – all you just need the right kind of investors to take notice? Well this is the story about one guy with a vision to bring a Drive In to the Geelong Precinct, to merge the nostalgia of the 1950’s with today’s cinema innovation to make it an all round entertainment experience for patrons, as well as bring business and employment to the Geelong precinct.

The Project

When you think Drive Ins, immediate images come to mind like roller-skates, hamburgers, jukeboxes and rock and roll. So for us, it was so much fun to create this branthem with a traditional 50’s rock and roll feel, while amplifying tourism to the Geelong Precinct which was key to the project. This branthem was not only going to be about bringing business to the cinema complex, but to Geelong Tourism – for people who could travel to Geelong and not only stay for the night, but make a weekend out of it.

Geelong Drive In Cover

The Result

With the help of some themed visuals, Geelong Drive In now has a YouTube presentation that they can showcase to their investors as well as their 40,000+ followers on social media. They have also used their Branthem on radio and there is potential for them to use this branthem in their investor packages to create excitement, energy and brand equity as they continue their campaign to make this project a reality.

Come For The Night
Geelong Drive In

Ron Rapetti, Director and Founder
Geelong Drive In

"Come For The Night"

“Come For The Night © 2017 D.Menzel/D.Small (Branthem Creative) for Geelong Drive In Cinema Complex

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