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In A Heartbeat

Results First Aid Training

n. a fully accredited first aid training facility based in Melbourne

The Background

We met Jude and Rory Barnes in early 2017 and had the opportunity to attend one of their First Aid Training sessions in mid 2017. We were very impressed with the delivery of the content, which was made easy to understand and applicable. Jude and Rory had just rebranded their business with a new logo and they were planning to branch out to advertising mediums including radio.

The Project

Observing the RFA target audience, which included a younger demographic, some of which English was a second language, plus seeing the practical use of the CPR dummies to be able to apply new knowledge acquired, it was clear to us that we had to create something that was super easy for training students to remember, sufficiently emotive in the lyrics to connect across all backgrounds and practical enough so that in the event of an emergency, this Branthem would be an automatic response. So we created “In A Heartbeat”, a dance track strategically composed at 120 beats per minute – the requirement for CPR, the lyrics sparking thought about their why, “Who would I be there in a heartbeat for?”

Result First Aid Cover

The Result

In a heartbeat was the first Branthem we’ve written that contained a double ‘hook’ to make it easy training students to remember. We created a training loop which is now used in the RFA training sessions, their ringtone, their phone hold music. Their branthem how has further opportunity to utilise in educational videos, on their website, for all their radio and potentially cinema advertising and of course on social media video.

In A Heartbeat
Results First Aid Training

Jude Barnes, Director and First Aid Trainer
Results First Aid Training

"In A Heartbeat"

“In A Heartbeat” © 2017 D.Menzel/D.Small (Branthem Creative) for Results First Aid Training

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